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Cincinnati cuisine is so much more than chili. There are great restaurants in town that will provide you with exceptional food in a wonderful atmosphere. This blog is a collection of reviews and personal observations from the current Cincinnati dining scene.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

915 in Florence, Zola in Covington and Oakley Pub and Grill

A friend of mine works at the Oakley Pub and Grill and she tells me all about the growing empire of neighborhood pubs the owners are building. The Enquirer did a review of 915 in Florence yesterday, so I asked her about it.

She hadn't been there, but said that it's very similar to the other two restaurants. And that means good food in a very low key and relaxed environment.

I haven't been to 915 either, but I've been to both Zola and the OPG. They have very similar menus. They are known for really good burgers, and a very typical bar experience.

It's funny to find such good sandwiches in a bar that is bordering on what could be described as a dive.

My personal favorite is a burger with sliced banana peppers and pepper jack cheese. The first time I had it was at the OPG, and I loved it. It didn't have bacon on it, but the second time I had the burger, at Zola, it did have bacon. My friend said that it should at OPG, so maybe they were out of bacon the day I was there. But I actually preferred it without bacon.

The secret to their burgers is high quality meat. The menu makes a big point of telling you they use Black Angus beef. They also use a good bun, not too thick and bready.

I don't care much for cole slaw, but I was forced to try the Asian slaw at Oakley Pub and Grill, and it's a tasty and interesting take on the traditional side. A sharp, gingery dressing makes this unlike any other slaw you've ever had. Make sure someone at your table gets it so you can at least taste it.

I don't know the next time I'll be in Ft. Thomas, but I do know what I'll say if someone says, "anyone hungry?" But for now, I'm happy to head back to OPG.


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