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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Aqua in Mount Lookout

As part of their Hot Spots Series, the Enquirer attempts to quantify what it is about Aqua, the great new restaurant in Mount Lookout Square that makes it cool. I don't know what the point of doing this article is--if you need to explain why something's cool, then it isn't.

But Aqua is cool. Despite this article, it's cool. It's got plenty of style and atmosphere, to go along with great food.

They have great sushi, I'd venture to say that the spicy tuna roll was the best sushi I've had in town. The Kobe beef carpaccio is a showy dish. It looks better on the menu than it tastes, but it still tasted good.

The lamb t-bone is a perfect red meat dish. It's unique, just like Aqua. A high-quality cut of lamb is expertly cooked. My medium rare serving was like eating butter.

Aqua has earned its hotspot reputation. This is a great place to take date or with a group of friends to start a classy night. Just save yourself the trouble of trying to explain why it's worth going to.


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