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Friday, November 10, 2006

McCormick and Schmicks opening soon

This Dining News Column has some info on the opening of this seafood chain.

Apparently, this is a great thing for downtown dining because M&S are a great restaurant. I'm unconvinced. I am not a big fan of chain restaurants of any sort, even if they have great food. Part of the dining experience should be the local flavor you get--and I don't believe you get that at many chains.

I'm heartened to see that they are doing some interesting things that will make this feel more local, like a Cincinnati mural. And the menu will not be something handed down by M&S corporate. That's partly due to the trickiness of getting fresh fish. I don't get the impression that the menu will be driven by the chef, though.

But this is a high-quality restaurant right on Fountain Square, which I'm excited for. Perhaps I should have said earlier, however, that I don't really like seafood.


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Web www.cincinnatirestaurantreview.blogspot.com