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Sunday, April 15, 2007


It's been almost two weeks since my last post, and I'm sorry. I definitely didn't mean to go AWOL for this long, but work got busy. I am going to do a better job of keeping up with posts going forward, but today I'll catch up on some links I've come across over the last few weeks that I wanted to post about, but didn't.

Some articles about food at Great American ballpark were run in the Enquirer around the time of Opening Day. I got a big kick out of them. This article serves up some info on the finer dining options at the ballpark. I've eaten at the Riverfront Club on more than one occasion, and I think it's great. It's not quite the same ballpark experience, but it's a good restaurant experience with an awesome view. They simulcast the 700 WLW broadcast of the game while you eat. I usually get the buffet, they always have good options. The cheese tray is particularly good, well worth it.

They even profile the executive chef of the ballpark.

The Machine Room Grille is a good place to get some food during the game. It has a true pub atmosphere, which is amazing when you think of the atmosphere of all of the eating establishments in the old Riverfront Stadium. Whenever I think of the Machine Room though, I think of how it was supposed to be open year round, but couldn't sustain enough customers when there wasn't any baseball. They didn't tell anyone, people showed up one day and saw a sign that said, basically "We're no longer open unless there's a game on."

Cin Weekly has stopped by one of my favorite little spots: Maribelle's Tavern. I'm still proud to say that this blog was the first to review this great spot. I'm pretty sure that's true, and I realize that doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot, but most media outlets have now written about it. I've also heard a lot of friends try it out and liked it.

Anything else I missed? Let me know what you're thinking about in the comments section, and I may get an idea for a posting. Also, I'm going to have some bonafide reviews coming up in the next few weeks.


Anonymous Erin said...

Friends and I tried Maribelle's on Saturday...what a treat! It was the perfect cozy destination for a rainy day, besides the couch. I'm glad Bella Luna has a companion on Eastern Avenue now, a sign for many more good things to come, don't you think?

10:47 AM  
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