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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Boloco--Inspired Burritos

I've been wanting to go to Boloco, a burrito joint on McMillan in Clifton on the UC campus ever since it opened. It bills itself as inspired burritos, not the traditional Mexican burrito. When I first heard this, I thought it sounded great. I love burritos, and I think they can be used as a delivery vehicle for more diverse flavors than the traditional. And that's what Boloco is going for.

You walk in and it feels like you'd expect a burrito joint that serves updated burritos would look like. It feels very modern and slick, with a bright dining area between the front door and the serving area. One wall is painted in an accent red/burgundy color, with a Boloco sign. There are big windows in the front, looking out to an outdoor seating area and McMillan street. They let in lots of light, giving the restaurant an airy feel.

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken burrito, which consisted of chicken, rice, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dressing and chopped celery. The only thing that doesn't come with a buffalo wings order in a bar is the rice. I was worried about the heat of the hot sauce and the pungent-ness of the dressing; after all, this was lunch and I was going back to the office. But they were both mild enough that I needn't worry.

I loved my burrito--at least the idea of it. The familiar buffalo chicken flavors worked so well together in this new tortilla-wrapped environment. Unfortunately, the rice and the tortilla both tasted dry and bland. It really detracted from the overall taste. I found myself wishing there was less rice and more chicken and buffalo sauce. The chopped celery worked perfectly in conjunction with everything else.

They have fun napkins that include a diagram about how to eat a burrito. They recommend the same method I use, unwrap the foil from the top and leave parts of it on to hold the burrito together. I mention this for a reason. My dining companion ordered the Thai burrito, which looked good and he liked it, though he felt the same way as I did aboutt he rice and the tortilla. But he completely unwrapped the foil, and I laughed at him as the whole thing fell apart on his plate. He was pretty disappointed.

I really like the Boloco menu and idea. I just wish that their execution, especially the rice, was better. But if you enjoy burritos and are looking for something new, definitely try it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you love Chipotle - how did it compare? Different fillings; but Chipotle's rice and burritos are very good.

6:10 PM  
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