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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Double Deckers at Blue Ash Chili

So, I was listening to the radio this past Sunday. And not wanting to be inundated by pointless filler as the announcers were getting ready for the big game, I was listening to NPR. The program on is a show called The Splendid Table, which I listen to from time to time.

This is a nationally syndicated radio program, and it covers not just restaurants, but mostly cooking. You can listen to the segment I'm referring to on a link on this page.

I was amazed as I was listening to hear the word "Cincinnati." Immediately, my ears perked up. Then they started talking about chili parlors, so I figured they were going to talk about chili and how unique ours is. But no, the hosts started talking about double deckers.

Now, I'm going to have to admit ignorance here. Whenever I go to a chili parlor, it's probably Skyline or Gold Star. And they don't serve the kinds of double deckers that are mentioned in this segment. So I need to get out more to the neighborhoods and experience these parlors.

Apparently, these double deckers are basically a full sandwich served on top of another sandwich. It sounds like an embarassment of lunch meat. The hosts talked about how much they enjoyed the double deckers at Blue Ash chili.

I'm familiar with Red Squirrel, which serves double deckers, but no chili. Is this similar to the double deckers served at chili parlors?

Also on the Splendid Table site, I found this segment on best ice cream in the country, and guess which local chain made it?

So which neighborhood chili parlors should I go to to find some double deckers? And which sandwich should I have served on top of which sandwich? (i.e. what combos are good?)


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Blogger JenJen said...

Mmmm.... Blue Ash Chili. There isn't a better sandwich shop in the country.

Just listening to that segment has me craving a beef-ham double decker for lunch tomorrow.

1:38 AM  
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