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Cincinnati cuisine is so much more than chili. There are great restaurants in town that will provide you with exceptional food in a wonderful atmosphere. This blog is a collection of reviews and personal observations from the current Cincinnati dining scene.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catching up on Cincinnati Dining

Alright, so it's been a while since my last post, and for whoever out there is actually reading this site, I apologize. I'm going to quickly rundown some recent Dining news here in Cincinnati, and come back with some new posts soon. I hope.

Interesting business article about the Buffalo Wings and Rings franchise. Not much here about the culinary experience, but I found this article insightful about the business of running a chain restaurant. Personally, big fan of buffalo wings in general, but don't know the last time I ate at a BWR. The rundown of how the role of chicken wings have changed in the last three decades was especially interesting.

The owners of McFaddens are opening a new bar downtown in the former Redfish. I'm a fan of McFaddens, it somehow succeeds at being a posh spot without being too snooty. It sounds like this new place, Sully's will be more of a sports bar. I say if it can bring in cute girls like McFaddens does, it will do well.

Citybeat reviews a new restaurant, Cafe de Paris, in the ever expanding East Hyde Park Dining District. Okay, I just made that term up. And I don't know if four or so restaurants along Erie Avenue constitues a district. But you've got to admit, Bangkok Bistro, China Gourmet, Cumin and now Cafe de Paris do make an impressive lineup on what was once a nondescript stretch.

I believe Citybeat also has the first review of a restaurant I reviewed three weeks ago--Maribelles Tavern. And like me, they like it. The reviewer mentions a sandwich I don't think I mentioned in my review, the grown-up grilled cheese. My mom ordered it when I went there, so I stole a few bites. It really is grown-up, with much more complex flavors than normal grilled cheese. The caramelized onions add a nice twist to the goat cheese.

Apparently, according to this profile by Cin Weekly, Allyn's has dropped the word cafe from its name. Diners all over the East Side won't struggle with the name change. It seems as though the reviewer thought the food served at Allyn's was mediocre. Based on my experiences, I'd agree. They're burritos are consistently dissappointing.

So, has anyone tried Maribelle's yet? Anyone want to join me and start refering to Erie Avenue by Pinehurst the East Hyde Park Dining District? Anyone want to join me and start a Buffalo Wings and Rings franchise?


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