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Cincinnati cuisine is so much more than chili. There are great restaurants in town that will provide you with exceptional food in a wonderful atmosphere. This blog is a collection of reviews and personal observations from the current Cincinnati dining scene.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Via Vite Opens

Alright, maybe the story of restaurants opening on the square is something I care about more than most. I've posted about Graeter's and Via Vite in the past, and I've been following, in general, the great amount of new dining and nightlife options around the Tyler Davidson Fountain.

Well, Via Vite is now open, joining Graeter's which has already opened on the square. For those who don't know much about it, Via Vite is owned and operated by the same family that own's Nicola's in Over-the-Rhine. A new restaurant by this family is something to be excited about.

I definitely want to try it out as soon as I can, but I'm afraid that won't be for a while. Anyone here gone to Via Vite and want to report back on it? Please do so in the comments section.

Cincy Pizza: Born and Bred

Here's a little fun fact for you: Halloween is one of the top five pizza delivery days in the year. This information comes to use courtesy of Pizza Today magazine, to which I unfortunately don't have a subscription.

I found this out thanks to this article in the Enquirer, which also lists some of the best independent pizzerias in the city.

I've had the amazing pizzas at Trotta's. I really ought to blog about that experience, but sufficed to say, it is definitely worth the trip. Look for a blog post about that in the future.

But, if you do plan on ordering in tomorrow, here are a couple of helpful links with tips for pizza delivery etiquette:

Tip the Pizza Guy is a helpful site, just remember it's written by a pizza guy. I especially like a Pizza guys' perspective on house numbers.

This article from the New York Times Magazine provides answers to the moral and ethical implications of ordering in during a rain storm. Finally, my questions have been answered!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jean-Robert at Pigall's Rated Among the Country's Best

I went to enquirer.com today, as I do most mornings, and saw a picture of a crazy looking, wild-haired man. My first thought was that some sort of serial killer had been caught.

But lo and behold, Jean-Robert at Pigall's is one of the highest rated restaurants in the country!

That's great news, and not just becuase there haven't been any killing sprees in the area recently.

Of course, we've known for a while that this restaurant was good, and was getting noticed from national opinion-makers. This just further gets the word out there that some of the nation's finest dining is here in the Queen City.

Congrats, Jean-Robert!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What is up with Cincinnati and White Castle?

Seriously, this is disturbing. After hearing about local White Castles celebrating Valentine's Day, I thought that maybe we wouldn't have any White Castle specific news for a while. Well, I wish I was wrong.

Mayor Mark Mallory, in his infinite wisdom, decreed that yesterday was White Castle Day in Cincinnati. I'm sorry for the late notice, I'm sure you're upset that you missed your chance to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

If you were aware of this great event, what did you do to commemorate it?

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